FemtoFiber smart 780


  • Up to 140 mW avg. power with typ. 85 fs pulses
  • Alignment-free all-fiber setup, use of PM fibers only
  • Free-beam output with excellent TEM00 mode
  • Compact design: optics and electronics just in one box
  • Low power consumption

The FemtoFiber smart 780 is a powerful and very compact all fiber-based femtosecond laser system with excellent laser pulse and beam characteristics. It unites both supply electronics, fiber laser optics and second harmonic generation in one box, being thus one of the smallest fiber laser units on the market. The system only needs 12V power supply and comprises a free-beam output with mechanical shutter.

 FemtoFiber smart 780
Wavelength 783 nm ± 5 nm
Pulse Width <100 fs (typ. 85 fs)
<100 fs (typ. 85 fs) >120 mW (typ. 120 - 140 mW)
Repetition Rate 80 ± 1 MHz
Output coupling free-space / shutter
Beam properties Ø 1.3 mm (1/e2) typ. TEM00, M2 < 1.2
Beam divergence < 1 mrad
Linear Polarization > 95%, vertical
Dimensions laser head (HxWxD) 85 x 140 x 210 mm3
Weight laser head < 2.5 kg
Power supply 12 VDC
Power consumption < 20 Watt
PC Interfaces TTL control lines, Switchbox (optional) or remote control (USB, Ethernet)
Environment temperature 15 - 35 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
Environment humidity Non-condensing