PicoFYb 1030


  • Highest lifetime: TOPTICA proprietory SAM modelocking technology
  • Highest long-term stability: Perfect spectral matching to amplifier
  • Ease of use, most compact and reliable: All-PM fiber technology
  • Ideally suited trigger for pulse-picking
  • Fiber laser from the expert: Industrial quality Made in Germany

TOPTICA is proud to introduce the next generation fiber seeder for the industrial micro-machining market! The new systems comprise even smarter features than the previous version. It relies on the same basic principles: saturable absorber mirror (SAM) modelocking technology using an all polarization-maintaining fiber optical setup to establish highest reliability, longterm stability and a perfect match on the amplifier parameters. It is approved for being the ideal source for your multi-Watt level amplifiers in the MOPA (master oscillator, power amplifier) or regenerative amplification system designs operating in the 1 µm wavelength region.

PicoFYb 1030
Wavelength [nm] 1030.5 ± 0.5
Pulse duration [sech²] typ. 6.5 ± 1 ps
Average power [mW] > 20 (typ. 25)
Output FC/APC fiber pigtail, 30 ± 2 cm long
Repetition rate [MHz] 30 ± 0.5
Spectral width [nm] < 0.4
Polarisation [dB] Polarisation [dB]
Beam Shape TEM00, M² < 1.2
Trigger Signal (SMA connector) > 150 mV @ 50 Ohm (300 MHz BW), positive
Time-Bandwidth-Product < 0.5 (typ.)
RF side mode supression > 50 dBc
Peak-to-peak noise < 3 %
Output coupling SM/PM 980 fiber pigtail with narrow key FC/APC connector, length > 20 cm
Dimensions laser head (HxWxD) 50.2 x 135.1 x 176.5 mm³
Weight laser head < 2 kg
Power supply 12 VDC
Power consumption < 10 Wat
Interfaces TTL control lines, Switchbox (optional) or remote control (RS-232)
Environment temperature 15 - 40 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
Environment humidity Non-condensing