DL pro


  • Tunable diode laser in patented pro design
  • Ultra-stable against temperatures & acoustics
  • With digital control DLC pro: Superior performance and remote control
  • Linewidth down to 0.6 kHz free running
  • Linewidth below 1 Hz possible with lock to external reference cavity

Our DL pro is the ultimate tunable diode laser. Its revolutionary mechanical design allows for both easy operation and extreme stability at the same time. It offers highest output powers, and optimized mode-hop-free tuning with a perfectly positioned virtual pivot point for the grating movement (Patents: DE 10 2007 028 499 and US 7970024). Together with the digital control DLC pro controller it shows unrivalled linewidth and drift – with the most comfortable and intuitive user interface. A software license may be purchased to enable frequency-locking features.

The DL pro HP diode laser features a special resonator design, which allows for higher single-mode output powers from "visible" laser diodes. Like the DL pro, it is an extended cavity diode laser (ECDL). Both lasers feature various modulation inputs and may be equipped with various options like fiber coupling, beam shaping etc.

With the DL pro F locking is faster than ever laying the foundation for the next generation quantum technology. The F variant of our DL pro features an intra-cavity EOM which provides two feedback channels. One is used for fast adjustments to ensure the superb locking performance, the other guarantees the high robustness of the lock.

We provide a wide range of Top Sellers which are turnkey solutions for typical applications such as laser cooling of atoms or ions. These systems combine a DLC pro and either a DL pro, DL pro HP or DL pro F including an appropriate isolator. They may be combined with fiber coupling and the software license enabling frequency-locking features.

Top Sellers are available at these wavelengths:
369, 397, 399, 420, 461, 633, 637, 670, 674, 729, 780 and 850 nm.
See Additional Top Seller section below for details.

Furthermore, the DL pro is available with all laser diodes listed in our stocklist of AR-coated and Fabry-Perot laser diodes. An overview of the resulting wavelength coverage is shown in the Additional Information section below.


DL 专业版
波长 369 ..519, 628 ..1770纳米
输出功率 高达 400 mW
2 ..100纳米
典型的无跳模可调谐性 ≥ 20 GHz
典型瞬时线宽 0.6 ..850 千赫兹