TA-FHG pro


  • Two resonant frequency doubling stages
  • SUV and AutoAlign options - unprecedented DUV power & lifetime
  • PowerLock output power stabilization
  • With digital control DLC pro: Less drift & linewidth

The TA-FHG pro is a tunable, diode-based laser source in the deep UV spectral range. The system consists of an external cavity diode laser, a high power semiconductor amplifier (TA), and two cascaded second harmonic generation stages (SHG pro). Alternatively, it can be equipped with a fiber amplifier (FA) or Raman fiber amplifier (RFA). For unmatched DUV power and lifetime, it can be equipped with the SUV cavity. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, holography and interferometry.

TA-FHG pro
Wavelength range * 205 .. 340 nm (with semiconductor amplifier)
244 .. 390 nm (with fiber amplifier)
Seed laser DL pro, DL DFB
Amplifier Semiconductor amplifier TA pro or fiber amplifier
Doubling stage 2 x SHG pro (or 1 x SHG pro, 1x SUV)
Coarse tuning 1 .. 10 nm
Continuous scan range > 40 GHz
Operation Single frequency
Linewidth < 500 kHz
Output power Up to 3 W
Spatial mode Near diffraction limited
Optical isolation Two isolators included (DL and TA)
Beam shaping Included
Water cooling Not required, supported
SHG cavity leak rate < 1E-3 mbar l/s
Control electronics DLC pro, 19" single-stage rack
Warm-up time < 5 min typ.
Dimensions laser head (H x W x D) 90 x 410 x 692 mm³
Weight laser head Up to 30 kg
Dimensions control unit Single stage 19" rack DLC pro
Weight control unit Up to 10 kg
Operating voltage 100 .. 120 V / 220 .. 240 V AC, 50 .. 60 Hz (auto detect)
Power consumption < 150 W typ., 300 W max.
PC Interface Ethernet, USB, analog control
Environment temperature 15 - 30 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
Environment humidity Non-condensing