DLC pro

Key words:


  • Extremely low noise & precise control
  • Convenient local and remote operation
  • Intelligent locking features


The DLC pro is a platform driving all tunable diode lasers of TOPTICA: One controller for all wavelengths.

The performance of diode lasers is largely determined by its controller. The DLC pro is the first diode laser controller based on a digital foundation, which is essential to obtain the best performance on all key parameters: Low current noise for narrow laser linewidths, excellent temperature control for stable operation and precise piezo control for frequency tuning.

To unleash the full potential of this high-performance controller, intuitive user interfaces are available: With touch screen and knobs it is easy to adjust scans, zoom into observed features, activate frequency locks etc. The digital foundation also enables full remote control, including a GUI for Windows computer and a command interface. This interface is open to all programming languages; a Python SDK is provided.

Many applications require to reference the frequency of the laser. TOPTICA provides solutions for all needs: The convenient software solution DLC pro Lock is directly integrated into the DLC pro while high performance locking is provided by the FALC pro.

The DLC pro is the benchmark for diode laser controllers: hardware for best performance, operated at unprecedented convenience.



The latest tested software of the DLC pro including newly added features and bug fixes is made available to all customers. See Downloads section below for the latest software release, for download instructions and for an overview of the added features.

Python support

We provide the Python support of the DLC pro as part of TOPTICA’s Laser SDK, which is easily available through pip install. The package is provided through Python Package Index (PyPI).


The intuitive PC GUI of the DLC pro allows for full control from computers (requires Windows 8 or higher). Simply connect to any laser in a lab and start with its current settings.

Lock Wizard

This interactive tool guides you step-by-step towards a frequency lock with the DLC pro Lock.


Connection the DLC pro to the local network allows for remote control from computers, e.g. through the PC GUI and the command interface. Supports DHCP and manual IP configuration.

LabVIEW example

Integrating the control of a DLC pro into LabVIEW is demonstrated in an example program, see Downloads section below.

Air pressure compensation

This feature increases the stability and makes the wavelength more stable by correcting for measured air pressure changes.

Configuration manager

The configuration manager allows for returning to previously saved settings of the lasers. Trying new settings e.g. for locking parameters is greatly simplified.

Power stabilization

As part of every laser, a power stabilization feedback loop can be activated. The achievable bandwidth is listed in the Specifications of the current control modules CC-500 and CC-5000 below.

Wide scan mode

The wide scan allows to record and display high-resolution spectral scans. This is of particular interest for CTL and DFB pro systems, which can be scanned across the full wavelength coverage of the laser diode.

Screen shots

Saving screen shots of the touch screen interface to a USB drive by simply pressing a button.

Free trial of locking

If you decide against ordering the DLC pro Lock along with the laser, we provide a 30-day trial version of this feature. You may start this trial at any time.

Support of fast locking

For high performance frequency locks such as phase locks and PDH locks, we recommend the FALC pro.

T-RACK ready

The DLC pro is mounted into the T-RACK as a building block of the Laser Rack Systems.

Auto PID

Frequency locking with automatically optimized PID parameters of the DLC pro Lock based on an easily started measurement of the system at hand.