TOPTICA offers complete systems and components for time-domain terahertz generation: The TeraFlash pro sets new standards in terms of dynamic range, bandwidth and measurement speed. Combining TOPTICA’s FemtoFiber smart laser technology with state-of-the-art InGaAs antennas, the system achieves a peak dynamic range of 100 dB and a bandwidth greater than 6 THz. The new “Dual” option enables simultaneous operation of two emitter-receiver pairs.

The TeraFlash smart comprises two synchronized femtosecond lasers, eliminating the need for a mechanical delay. This results enables terahertz-based thickness gauging at unprecedented speed: the system acquires up to 1600 complete pulse traces – and hence, thickness readings – per second.

In addition, TOPTICA provides a variety of ultrafast fiber lasers for researchers working with GaAs-based photoconductive switches or with organic-crystal emitters. All of the lasers come with superior specifications. Owing to the use of robust saturable absorber mirror technology for mode-locking, they offer turnkey operation and do not require any mechanical alignment.