About Hawk

Hawk Optical Instruments operated until 2011 as Cavalier Technology Co., Ltd., which is providing optical devices and systems to industrial customers. With an expanding business in scientific fields, Hawk was founded in 2011 as a sale and distributing company, specializes in scientific research field, state-of-art scientific optical components, instruments and systems. The headquarters is located in, Bei yuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The Hong Kong branch was also established in 2011 for international business. Our expertise in optics enables us provide professional technical supports and products consultancy to customers.


Hawk Company Culture

Both our technical and sales team is digging into the concept, principle and potential applications of the products we are distributing to provide professional guidance to our customers. Our goal is to have full knowledge of every single product and offer complete solutions for best customer service. We believe this will lead to our long-termsuccess.


Hawk Technical-support and Sales Team

90% of the Hawk team has master or doctorate degrees from the top universities and institutes of China.The executive and sales team members have more than seven years of experience in the field of optics, especially in the area of High precision positioning system, optical components and elements, imaging systems, and instruments. Currently, we have 12 employees in our company: 2 product service engineers (Dr. Lu Zhang and Dr. Junwei Zuo), 7 sales engineers (Mingming Bao, Chongwen Qiu, Mingyue Zhong, Jianhong Li, Hongbo Zhang, Jiazhi Wang and Tao Liu). One international business coordinator (Jie Ma) and two administrative & financial coordinators. Our business is still expanding and we expect to have more than 15 people by the end of 2019.



Hawk Current customers

We have begun to occupy an important portion of Chinese optical market. We list the main institutes and universities we have been doing business with. Figure 2 shows the distribution of our customers all over the most developed areas where most of the famous universities located at. As a distributing and sales company, we are working aggressively on representing more optical products and achieving more potential scientific customers.


Hawk Products, Solutions and Services

Our products covered a wide scope in laser and laser systems, spectroscopy instruments, optical components, scientific CCD, imaging CCD, THz optics and detectors, Quantum optics, etc. We are also actively seeking outstanding optical-instruments vendors who are willing to enter the blooming Chinese scientific market. The typical products we are currently distributing are listed below.



lCondenser Technology M5000, 8001 photoelectric direct readingspectrometer;

lOP Mount Opto-mechanical products;


lSIGMA-KOKI opticalcomponents;

lAMO THzproducts;

lStanford ResearchSystems;

lMICRONIX Precision MotionProducts;

lRayonix, LLC;

lTOPTICA Photonics;

lNewLight Technologies;

lBaltic Scientific Instruments;


We are working aggressively to get more products which we candistribute.


Hawk Vision and Strategy

We provide customers standard products of foreign original production, and more importantly, we are able to provide complete system solutions to meet the customized requirements. Hawk has established solid relationships with Institute of high energy physics. Their strong scientific background is being utilized for Hawk technical support and product research & development. The connection of the strongest technical support and most state-of-art products will make us the best product optical instruments distributor. Hawk is glad to be the bridge to connect the outstanding optical- instruments-vendors all over the world and scientists in China.


Contact Us

International Business Contact: Jie Ma:

China Mainland and Hong Kong Contact: Yu Li: Hawk optical instrument (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

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